Company Info

Absolute Outdoor Kitchens, is a division of Absolute Aluminum based in Venice, Fl.  Absolute Outdoor Kitchen was founded six years ago based on the growth and popularity of outdoor kitchens nationally. With an established base of 70,000 customers at Absolute Aluminum, owner Dale DesJardins saw the opportunity to offer outdoor kitchens to his existing customers.

Word spread quickly to local builders, homeowners and condo associations and Absolute Outdoor Kitchens was quickly doing more business than had originally anticipated.

Today we offer a full line of grills, hoods, cabinets, countertops, refrigeration and and extensive line of accessories to meet any price point or need. We can design, build, install and service any size kitchen or bar area that fits your need or budget.

With over 400 custom kitchens installed to date, Absolute Outdoor Kitchen has the experience and expertise to help you with your needs.

Best of all, you’re dealing with a local company, Absolute Aluminum Inc.,  who has 24 years of proven success in satisfying consumers.

There’s a reason why we’ve won numerous “business of the year” awards  and maintained an A+ rating (Accredited Business) with the BBB.

Come visit our Outdoor Kitchen showroom located at 1220 Ogden Rd. in Venice. We  have 4 full kitchens of different price points on display showcasing a variety of options.